Sunday, December 24, 2006

Nightmare before Christmas

Just what is it about this holiday that makes people so damn...nuts, to be more polite.

no sleep for two days, hectic work before charging to the airport two hours before my flight and i get left behind because the lines OUTSIDE the TERMINAL is really sucky. I get to the checking counter and they say it's MY FAULT!???!! WTF!???!

So now i'm spending the holidays in Manila, gratefully invited to join my friend's family for the Xmas dinner. It's a bummer, especially having to hear your mom so sad over the phone.

I know this is christmas and everybody's rushing but seriously, how hard is it to prioritize passengers who need to be boarding on time? Why are there lonng lines outside the terminal when they could have easily made 5 or so lines for passengers who are travelling at around the same time interval (a line for those leaving at 5am, etc.)

What's worse is that partner airlines who occupy the same terminal seem to have mo interest in looking out for their passengers --- just because it's airport security doesn't mean it's not your business or concern, y'know! It's like you're staying in your room and therefore, anything happening outside your room is none of your concern --- for all you care, you may be getting robbed or someone's hurt :-P (and please, none of that sappy, insincere spiel you give out to passengers --- it really sucks enough that we get the bad news, it's worse when you deliver it oh-so-insincerely).

While i wish everybody the best of the holidays, i really hope this concern reaches to the people of the new Centennial terminal. Your lack of concern as well as your indifference to your customers are truly anti-holidays! Also, to those people in the checking counter of Air Phils. who refused to give a damn, well, i do hope your manners and customer service will be better someday within this century -- your counterparts in the other regions have been more helpful than you are here.

That said, merry freakin' christmas.

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